TW Becks Meetup # 1

Becks stands for Beer & Hacks. A community of hackers, security researchers, and anyone interested in security. Sister events to be held in Korea and Tokyo. This is our first meetup in Taiwan. The seats are very limited and we will expand this meetup for more attendees in the future. Please feel free to join us!!

Supported by LINE and Graylab.

Date & Location

Date: 2019/03/06 (Wed.) 19:00~22:00
Location: 台北市信義路4段379號 (Woolloomooloo(信義店))





Session 1 (English): Another one bites the apple! (40 mins) by ramses from graylab




Session 2 (Chinese): How LINE fights against abusers. (30 mins) by David Liu from LINE Taiwan Limited


Social Event & Free Discussion (Enjoy the Beers)



Talk Detail

Session 1: Another one bites the apple! (40 mins) by ramses (JunHo Jang from graylab)

OSX/iOS kernel has some attack surfaces from user space such as IOKit, system call, MIG(Mach Interface Generator) handler. Especially, MIG is XNU kernel's distinct feature from LINUX or UNIX.

In this talk, I will introduce some methods related to finding vulnerabilities in XNU kernel's MIG handler, including:

- Analyzing the MIG handler in XNU kernel

- Making a simple fuzzing framework through XNU kernel compile

- Analyzing a kernel heap buffer overflow vulnerability (0-day)

Lastly, I will talk about challenges in exploiting this vulnerablity.

Session 2: How LINE fights against the abusers (30 mins) by David Liu from LINE Taiwan Limited

(EN) Fighting against the criminals to protect our user is one of the most important things for service provider. I'll make a brief introduction about what kind of abusing behaviors used to happen on our platform and how we deal with it by technical detection and mechanism designs.

(CH) 保護用戶免於網路犯罪的威脅對於服務平台來說是一件重要的事情,本次會與大家分享我們如何透過技術與機制設計的方式來對抗這些非法的使用者的經驗。

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